Guide to DIning

Welcome to Alvernia University

There are many meal plan options at Alvernia.   From full-time to part-time, non-traditional to evening, all students will find a meal plan that is flexible, accommodating, and provides nutritious, delicious options.  

On behalf of the Aladdin Dining Service Staff of Alvernia University, we are pleased to welcome you to an exciting year on campus! We have a delicious menu of dining options that will help make your academic experience more enjoyable. This Guide to Dining Services is designed especially for you – so keep it handy and welcome to Alvernia University.

Dining Hall Meal Plan Info and Policies

Resident Meal Plans

19 Meal Plan Plus $100 Bonus Dollars

14 Meal Plan Plus $250 Bonus Dollars

190 Block Plan Plus $125 Bonus Dollars

150 Block Plan Plus $150 Bonus Dollars

110 Block Plan Plus $200 Bonus Dollars

75 Block Plan (Village Apts. Only) Plus $50 Bonus Dollars

75 Block Plan (Village Apts. Only) Plus $200 Bonus Dollars

Commuter Meal Plans

 Meals for our commuter students are $7.20 each available in blocks of five and may be used in the Main Dining Room located in the Student Center. Meals may also be used at the Courtside Café only During “Meal Exchange” time periods.

Personal Dollars

Personal Dollars may be used in all of our service outlets. When purchasing Personal Dollars, patrons are given a 10% bonus of the dollar amount requested. Personal Dollars are available to commuter students, faculty, and staff. Resident students who have depleted their bonus dollars may also purchase Personal Dollars.

Food Service Committee

The Residence Hall Council Food Committee assists the Dining Service in the task of planning and evaluating services. If you have ideas about the Student Center, Courtside Cafe, or Kestral Cafe meal options, quality, or service; you may contact a dining committee member or any of the Aladdin management staff here at Alvernia.

Special Dietary Needs

Students with special dietary needs should consult with the Wellness Center before contacting Food Service. All efforts will be made to meetthe special needs of the student. A student who is ill and unable to come to the Dining Hall for meals may have a friend pick up a meal for them at the Dining Hall. A note from the student’s Residence Life Coordinator and their Student I.D. Card are required. If a required school activity prohibits you from attending a meal(s), we will pack a meal(s) for you. Please have your department head or coach request your needs two days in advance with the Dining Manager.

Meals On The Go

If a required school activity prohibits you from attending a meal(s), we will pack a meal(s) for you. Please have your department head or coach request your needs at least 24 hours in advance with the Dining Manager. ID will be needed when an order is picked up.

Feeling bad?

We understand that there is nothing more miserable than being ill and unable to make it to meals.

If you are too ill to attend class or come to the Dining Room, you should obtain a special dietary request form from the Director of Dining Services. When presented to Aladdin personnel, along with your ID card, a take-out box will be provided.

Registered Dietician

We have a wealth of resources available to our guests, including the expert guidance of a registered dietitian. Arrangements can be made for individual consultations concerning any dietary need, such as sports nutrition, weight control, food allergies, or medically prescribed diets.

Special Events

Everyone looks forward to our monthly buffets and special events.  We have holiday-themed menus and events throughout the year.  Please keep an eye on table tents, banners, and events calendar informing you of what is coming.

Lost Card Policy

You must present your ID card to the cashier each time you enter the Dining Hall. Please do not ask the cashier to admit you without your ID card. If you lose your OVU ID card, you MUST purchase a new one. A sheet is provided in the Dining Hall for students to purchase the card. A $10 fee will be applied to your OVU account for every new card issued.

Service Regulations

Your understanding and observation of the following regulations will guarantee smooth, efficient operation of the Dining Hall.

  • Students must obey the University personal appearance regulations while in the Dining Hall.
  • Shoes and shirts must be worn at all times.
  • You are not permitted to take food from the Dining Hall.
  • To avoid waste, you should choose one entrée when entering the served lines. More entrees are available for seconds.
  • After dining, please return trays to the dish return and leave your table and chairs neat and clean.
  • Please behave courteously at all times.
  • You will not be granted credit for any meals missed.
  • We also ask that you abide by all of the Aladdin policies.

Dining Area Restrictions

You are not permitted to engage in the following activities in the dining area:

Removal of food or dinnerware from the dining area

Use of electronics devices that detract from the dining experience of other guests

Playing of personal music devices without headphones

Leaning back in Dining Room Chairs

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to have my card?

ID cards are swiped to keep track of meals used.  Having your ID card ready when at the cashier helps to reduce time spent waiting in lines.  Taking names and numbers redirects our labor from being used to increase your dining experience to doing data entry.  Human error while manually entering ID numbers could result in a meal being taken from someone incorrectly, potentially resulting in them being denied a meal!  The proper use of ID cards is helpful to us all! 

Why cant I take food out of the dining hall?

Although you have access to all you can eat while in the dining hall, we cannot allow food to be taken out.  This is both for financial as well as food safety reasons.  Please adhere to this policy. 

Why dont you have more vegetarian options?

We have many vegetarian options!  Look for fresh veggies at the Balance 365 as well as vegetable options at the Comfort Zone.  Pizzas often contain a wide variety of different vegetarian toppings (located right by that pasta station 😉 )

Our Showthyme action station is always willing to adjust their recipe to include vegetarian options, such as tofu for stir-fries.  Just ask!

If you are having trouble finding something, don’t hesitate to get assistance from any of our staff.  We’re here to help!

Dining Hall personnel reserve the right to dismiss or suspend you from the dining area for inappropriate behavior.

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